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For founder Danny Litin, the vision for Passionflower is a personal one. While living in Denver before finally settling back home in Minneapolis, Danny became immersed in Colorado’s lifestyle and culture of healthy living, wellness and alternative healing. There seemed to be no shortage of unique shops and gathering spaces where like-minded individuals could meet and share their common passion for well-being, regardless of their life journey.

While in Denver, Danny too focused on his own quest for a healthy lifestyle and developed a strong passion and appreciation for foods and beverages that offered strong health-related benefits. He discovered the flavors and effects of kombucha, jun, coconut water and probiotic drinks and began to research herbs, supplements and other alternative forms of food-based healing. The elixirs and tonics that Danny became familiar with also helped limit his intake of alcohol, coffee, and other foods he learned would not do his body good. For Danny, these superfoods established a sense of overall good health and well-being.

Danny, his son Zoriah, his mother Liz, and his brother Max.

Danny, his son Zoriah, his mother Liz, and his brother Max.


Returning to Minneapolis to raise his son, his passion for wellness derived from the benefits of superfoods followed. But when Danny sought to find the same welcoming establishments with the diversity in product offerings that he had become accustomed to in Denver, he found only coffee and tea shops where social bubbles were evident and guarded, and bars offered nothing to him but inauthenticity and were often void of respect and meaningful conversation. Danny also returned home to his older brother, a recovering alcoholic, also struggling to find a place to socialize with like-minded people who were focused on making positive and healthy lifestyle choices. With the help of medical and business professionals and the University of Minnesota, Danny began to form his vision.

“Through challenging times and hopes for a better future, came the idea of Passionflower – I invite you to join our community and engage in our beautiful gathering space. We are forever focused on health and wellness curated through the serving of functional beverages and nutrient-rich superfoods.”

- Danny Litin