Sound Meditation with Radiant Source Yoga
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Sound Meditation with Radiant Source Yoga

This is Passionflower's first official event and we couldn't be more excited about it!

Bob and Thomasina Fisk, dear friends of Passionflower's founder Danny Litin, will guide us through a deeply relaxing meditation utilizing ancient sound instruments and breathing techniques. Delicious post-session snacks will be provided by Wise Acre Eatery/Tangletown Gardens and refreshments from Passionflower. We will also be giving away a CSA share courtesy of Tanlgletown!!! That's a $300 value and basically the best prize you could ever win. Andrew from Tanlgletown Gardens will be at the event to answer any questions about the CSA program - we are stoked to be one of eleven drop-off locations this year.

This hour long session will begin with guided breathwork chosen to quiet the mind and relax the body. Participants will then be guided into a comfortable resting position as we transition into the sounds of the shruti boxsinging bowlsgong and bamboo chimes. The sounds and vibrations of the instruments allow people to enter a deep state of relaxation and meditation by providing their mind a break from thinking patterns that may contribute to symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. With the experience of a quiet mind and body, participants leave the session rejuvenated and have a renewed sense of being truly alive.

This event is open to the public. We suggest you bring a small pillow to help you get comfortable and a water bottle so you don't have to get up during the session. This will start ten minutes after the free Alcehmy 4:30 AFlow - which is suggested, but totally optional. There will be a 10 minute break between class and the start of this session. Please be on-time so you don't disturb the other attendees.

Bob and Thomasina both have backgrounds in music and mental health. They have been called to the power of sound through personal experience with the instruments and training in a variety of wellness modalities and they are excited to share their practice with you.

This event is expected to sell-out. Do not wait until a week or day before to sign-up. You must have a ticket to attend.




How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Feel free to email if you have any questions about the event or stop in to Passionflower and speak to one of our team members.

I have never meditated before, is it cool if I show up?

Yes please! This event is for anyone and everyone and you will quickly get the hang of it. No previous experience necessary.

Do I need to go to the Alchemy 4:30 AFlow before the session?

It's totally up to you, but as you know if you've taken an AFlow before, you will be relaxed and the transition into a meditative state may be easier. It'll be free to attend so we say why not!?

Tickets are a must. If you take the AFlow, but don't purchase a ticket, you will be asked to leave after the workout ends.

Should I eat a big dinner before the session?

We suggest having a light snack to tie you over, but nothing too big. Your mind will focus much easier if it isn't worrying about digesting. We will also have delicious and nourishing snacks post meditation from Wise Acre Eatery and Passionflower, so no need to bring anything with except a water bottle and a pillow.

What should I wear?

We'd recommend clothing that you can get comfy in and won't be distracted by. Yoga clothes are totally cool, so are sweatpants.

I'm not going to have to drink any Kool-Aid during this event, will I?

Absolutely not. It is part of Passionflower's mission to bring effective healing modalities to the masses! This is a non-denomination event and all are welcome. The beauty of the session is that we are focusing on the sounds of instruments instead of words and images. We will suggest you eat the delicious farm-to-table veggies from our friends at Wise Acre Eatery, though.

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